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Cleaning Your Blinds

wipe clean imageThere are many simple and effective ways to clean your blinds. Regular cleaning and dusting will help to prolong the life of your blinds and enhance the look and feel of your room.

Cleaning Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium blinds can be washed, vacuumed or dusted, depending on the level of cleaning needed. The surfaces of aluminium blinds are very smooth, so they are easy to dust. If you dust them regularly it will cut down the amount of cleaning needed.

To dust the blind, use a soft clean cloth or duster and tilt the slats to wipe clean. If you are using a vacuum, attach the brush head and tilt the slats (being careful not to bend them).

To wash aluminium blinds, use a damp cloth or sponge. For stubborn stains add a mild detergent to your cleaning utensil. You can also take the blind down and soak in a tub of mild soapy water and then rinse clean and wipe dry - or dry completely in the open air.

Cleaning Wood Blinds

Ideally, clean your wooden blinds by dusting them using a clean soft dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner brush attachment, the surface is smooth so dust should be easily removed. Washing your wooden blinds could seriously damage them. Water or dampness can warp or discolour the slats.

Cleaning Fabric Blinds (except Roman Blinds)

Most fabric blinds will be anti-static, so will require only a small amount of cleaning from the brush attachment of your vacuum. For more hardened cleaning, check to see if your blind is labelled with a (P) symbol - if it is then the fabric can be dry cleaned. If you can't dry clean your fabric, use a damp cloth with lukewarm water to wipe clean. For tougher stains use a mild detergent and spot clean.

Cleaning Roman Blinds

If your blind has a label with the (P) symbol then the fabric can be dry cleaned with care. Remove the blind from headrail and take out the fabric rods and the bottom bar (paying attention to how the cords are threaded). Alternatively, fabric can be cleaned using the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner. Soft fabrics may shrink - if any of the fibre rods become visible trim them off to the desired length.