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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

- 12 Month Guarantee
Our beautiful made to measure vertical blinds are the perfect solution for enhancing a room's look with lightweight drapes, they can be fully closed and adjusted to allow limited light into your room or alternatively completely retracted to open the room fully to view the outside, whether that is a view from a conservatory or lounge window. Additionally our vertical blinds are also available in light block material, designed to conserve your carpets and furniture, or in fire retardant material, designed to give you additional peace of mind.

We offer vertical blinds at low prices and in a wide range of popular colour shades including blue, green, cream, lilac, grey and black and as a quality blind provider we can also supply replacement vertical blinds if your blind is damaged or in need of replacement slats.

Use our colour and fabric swatches below to help you pick a shade and pattern for your vertical blind, once you have picked your blind simply follow the numbered steps below to check your pricing and place your order online.

If you are unsure how to measure your window or install your vertical blind then see our useful guides: how to measure and how to install which will give you all the help and advice you will need to ensure your new vertical blinds fit perfectly.
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Vertical Blinds

Crisp linear design from £17.78

Glass patio doors are a common feature in many new built or renovated homes. They are a fantastic architectural feature allowing light and convenient access to the backyard. However patio doors have often presented somewhat of a challenge when it came to selection of window covering, particularly as drapery is not always the best choice for high traffic areas. The sensible choice for your glass patio door is the crisp clean design of a quality vertical blind.

Much like venetian blinds, vertical blinds are versatile and able to be adjusted to a variety of angles to either provide full privacy or permit partial sunlight. For cleaning or during the day time you may opt to fully retract the vertical blind which neatly collapses to one side of the window and out of the flow of activity to create an unobstructed window view.

Vertical blinds are easy to use with a simple pull of the cord and very easy to clean with a damp cloth to remove dust or other debris. Another benefit of the vertical blind is the ability to replace panels if required, which is common as vertical blinds are typically used in high traffic areas where they can become soiled or damaged. There is no need to replace your entire window covering as we can supply you with new slats, saving you time and money.

But patio doors are not the only application for vertical blinds. Patterned blinds are the perfect accent for bathrooms. Explore fabrics such as our Van Gogh Ocean or Lotus Faded Pink (which is also available in a matching roller blind). Office spaces and conservatories are all popular applications for the versatile vertical blind.

The classic choice for vertical blinds is to choose a neutral shade of fabric that will blend in with the paint or wall colouring. However we are noticing an exciting contemporary trend toward bright colours such as the Evoro Claret or the masculine Acacia Navy. Bold yellow patterns such as the Penang Gold can also add a playful ambience and highlight accent colours within your décor scheme. As an affordable window covering option, you can explore your design ideas and refresh your look as often as you wish. Our collection of vertical blinds starts at only £15.85.

Special treatments are available on vertical blinds that extend their utility including options to increase light blocking. You may also order your vertical blinds with a special SRC coating which will repel exterior sunlight helping you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our recommendation for vertical blinds (particularly for installation in the kitchen or other open flame source areas of the home) is to order window coverings with flame retardant treatment for additional safety in your home.

No matter what your design vision is you simply cannot beat the value and versatility of the vertical blind. And remember that each order is made custom just for you at Made to Measure Blinds UK.

Vertical Blinds are available in a variety of different fabrics and they are suitable for any décor. Try our sheer fabrics to create a trendy look or a bright coloured fabric such as Evoro Claret or Zinnia Sage.