Yellow Roller Blinds, a little bit of summer in your home

April 2, 2012

OYellow Roller Blindsver the last week we’ve have a glimpse of how special the UK can be when the sun is shining. It’s a fairly common saying among friends that the country seems to transform into something completely new when the sun is out (it’s a shame that it often costs the same amount or more to have a break in my own country versus a cheap package holiday abroad).

I often think for this to feel new each time, almost a novelty, how little sun we get as a country and how I forget the simple joy of feeling the warmth from the sun on my face. Even small things make a difference, when the grey light peaks through a gap in your curtains or blinds you almost know without looking outside that it’s another day of drizzle and overcast skies; in contrast mornings feel so different when the sun is shining.

With that in mind and with grey skies seeming to far outweigh clear skies why not bring a little warmth into your home from our ranges of yellow roller blinds?

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