Are you in the dark when it comes to sleep?

April 10, 2012

You tried those sleep masks that make you look like Zorro. You couldn’t sleep because your wife couldn’t stop laughing. Sunlight comes streaking in, unencumbered by your window shades, every morning. What is a fellow to do?

Your best mate suggested ear plugs. He says the light is not so much of a bother, if he can just get a bit of quiet. That didn’t sound like it would solve your problem; you tried it anyway. At least you couldn’t hear your wife laughing anymore.

Shall we take a serious look at sleep? We all need it. Those of us that have seen a few years go by need it more than we used to. You see, our brain kicks out a substance called Melatonin. It comes from the Pineal Gland if you want the details. Melatonin makes us drowsy.

What cranks up the Pineal Gland to put out Melatonin? Dark, that’s what. That’s how we’re built and five million years of sleeping in the dark are not erased by one hundred years of street lights or having to sleep during the day. We still need dark.

You can go buy yourself some Melatonin pills and they may help when you go to bed at night. If you are still trying to sleep with the sun up in the morning, taking the whole bottle of Melatonin will not help. You need dark.

Closing your eyes creates dark. Yet, your retinas (that photo sensitive part of your eyes) still knows it’s not really dark in front of your eye lids.

There is a solution and it’s easier than rotating your house to get the bedroom away from the sun. Replace your curtains or shades with blackout roller blinds that really darken the room no matter how bright the sun is. With black out blinds, you can beat mother nature and get a good sleep. You might still hang on to those ear plugs. Birds don’t sleep during the day either.