White Vertical Blinds Made To Measure

May 1, 2012

White vertical blinds might sound like a ho-hum choice for window coverings, but think again. White verticals give the home decorator a blank palette to add her own special flair. The variations in textures and shades are subtle, but the colour white can lend itself to any decor.

Penang White Vertical BlindA sleek and ultra-white window covering, such as Antigua White verticals, would be the perfect backdrop for an all-white lounge with pops of neon colour. Add a long, curvy, low white couch and scatter a few brightly-hued pillows in citrus lime, hot pink and tangerine. Position two modern side chairs in white and anchor the floor with a white and fluffy, faux-fur rug. Now, that is a brilliant use of the colour white!

At the other end of the spectrum are white vertical blinds with organic, natural patterns that add depth and panache. For example, the leafy patterns in Penang White verticals could suggest an exotic Asian theme. In another example, the rosy patterns in Blossom Powder would provide a feminine addition to a lady’s boudoir, dining area or lovely lounge.

Daring decorators can find some surprising versions of white vertical blinds. For example, the metallic shimmer of Luna Ice offers a dazzling and attention-getting design. Imagine how the glittering silver would play in the sunlight and add sparkle to any room, yet the sun is completely blocked when these verticals are drawn.Boho White Vertical Blinds

For a look that is updated and modern, try white verticals with a kicky circular weave pattern, like Boho White. This would be a good selection for a striking urban design, perhaps with dark wooden accent pieces and understated furnishings. Boho White could also be used in a colourful international design. Simply enhance the global look with eclectic elements from around the world.

Without question, white verticals are not boring. They can be bold or subtle, Bohemian or business-like. With two dozen options for textures, patterns and materials, there is enough variation for any decorator to find the perfect white vertical blinds.