Black Roller Blinds – Why Black is a Positive Colour

May 2, 2012

What do you think of when you see the colour black? Depression, death, misery? Come on, don’t be so negative about black. Actually, black is a really great colour when you think about it. Let me show you the gentler side of the colour black!

Black can represent formality. For example, black-tie is a dress code that requires very formal wear – suits for men and long dresses for women. There’s a reason people don’t call it pink-tie. Black is elegant and timeless. If you need to look professional and put together, all you need to do is to dress in all black and you’ll immediately look thinner and sophisticated.

No, black doesn’t have to be about death. It can represent life! Native Americans compare the colour black with the dark colour of soil, and since soil brings forth plants, they embrace the colour black because it symbolizes life.

Look up to the sky when it’s midnight. It’s black, with beautiful stars littered throughout. Is it scary? Not really. It’s mysterious, beautiful, and far-reaching. You can look at it for a long time and let your mind wander. It signifies possibilities, the unknown, and the expanse of space.

When you snuggle in your bed at time, ready for a long night of sleep, you turn off the lights. Your room is dark and… black. Black can mean rest, peace, and calmness.

Black is good. Black is beautiful. Add touches of black to your room by installing black roller blinds to your windows. There are several kinds of black roller blinds that you can choose from:

  • Floral Shadow Amber, a black roller shade with tan silhouettes of nature, such as flowers and butterflies.
  • Debut Autumn, another black roller shade with a decorative damask design in black.
  • Acacia Black, the blackest roller shade there is.
  • Acacia Charcoal, for those who want a less black colour for their roller blinds.

Make your home stylish with the addition of black roller blinds and educate everyone that comes into your home about how wonderful the colour black is!