Red Venetian Blinds – Made to Measure

May 3, 2012

Red Venetian blinds say a lot about you and your sense of style. Red sounds like a pretty bold choice for window coverings, but the colour has many variations. Venetian blinds come in bright scarlets, pretty pinks and deep russet shades. Any of them can turn a boring room into a decorator’s dream.

Bright red Venetians can be used as a statement piece to express your inner fire or as an accent to a more traditional theme. Brick red blinds in a matt finish are an excellent addition to a playroom or child’s bathroom. The fiery red colour is fun to look at and Venetians provide perfect privacy for your little ones. The durable aluminium slats are easy to clean too.

For a more sophisticated design, consider the rich look that darker reds bring to a room. A Venetian blind colour known as Dorothy comes in a striking metallic sheen. Matched with animal prints or other chic fabric, these red blinds could easily tie the whole look together.

Russet is a stylish colour for window coverings, offering several design directions to follow. Russet works well for rooms that are simple, relaxed and natural, as well as conservative and traditional designs. It blends well with tweed fabrics as well as sisal and rattan items, and it is great for a rustic, outdoorsy look. Venetian blinds in a Russet matt finish can beautifully adorn almost any room.

Venetian blinds also come in the lightest shades of red, including pinks. Fuchsia is the hottest colour for pink window coverings. It’s a fun-loving look that lends itself to bright sunny days or dark neon nights. Hot fuchsia window coverings are a decorating choice that everyone will notice.

Other light red hues include Pretty Pink and Pink Blossom. Both these colours come in a silky gloss finish that is so feminine. Pink Venetian blinds add a lovely stroke of colour to bring out the inner beauty of her favourite room.

The lightest of the red-hued colours are the sheer pink shades, including Ice Pink and Sugar Pink. The soft sheen of either colour would be perfect for a baby’s room, powder room or country kitchen. It just proves that pink or red Venetian blinds can make all sorts of design statements and function beautifully too.