Light Natural Wooden Venetian Blinds

May 4, 2012

You’ve decorated a room with furniture from the same design style. You’ve used the same colour palette throughout the space. You stand back to admire your handiwork and are vaguely disappointed. Something isn’t quite right. The room may feel a bit cluttered, unauthentic or chaotic. What went wrong?

We all want our living spaces to have a professional, polished style, but sometimes we miss out on one of the most effective design strategies: unifying elements. Unifying elements are what gives rooms cohesion. Repeating the same material, finish or form in different areas of the room allows the eye to take in the space as cohesive whole.

Since the windows of a room are natural focal points, it’s especially important to ensure that the window covering doesn’t just complement the room but helps to unite the space visually. As so many of our living spaces feature wood furniture, using natural wooden venetian blinds for the window covering is an ideal way to help unify the space.

For natural wooden blinds to be effective as a unifying element, the colour, stain or finish on the wood should be a perfect match to other furnishings in the room. If the room features hardwood floors in a light, natural colour, for example, wooden venetian blinds in the same light shade are ideal.

It takes a full-service stockist like Made to Measure Blinds UK to ensure a broad selection. With a broad array of timbers and shades to choose from, you’re certain to find the ideal natural wood venetian blinds for your living space. Made to Measure Blinds UK’s decorative options for natural wooden blinds include colours that range from ecru to dark walnut. Whether it’s blinds to complement a dark pine armoire or blinds to match the rich, red tones of redwood furnishings, Made to Measure Blinds UK has you covered.