Cream Roman Blinds Made to Measure

May 8, 2012

Windows are typically the strongest focal points in a room. As architectural elements, they naturally draw the eye. An effective window covering ensures that the window not only draws attention but keeps it. The right window treatment can become a centrepiece of the room’s décor. While window coverings in bright colours or bold patterns become focal points in their own right, you can capitalise on the attention-grabbing aspect of windows to make more subtle design statements as well.

Made to Measure Blinds UK’s collection of Roman blinds in cream colours discreetly complements your décor in a variety of ways. Light colours are visually expansive, a helpful characteristic when it comes to making a room appear more spacious than it actually is. Cream Roman blinds have a light and airy feel that makes them the perfect choice for rooms decorated in a casual, light-hearted style. Aside from the design benefits of their creamy, light colours, they have something else that makes them especially effective in interior design: texture.

With their soft folds of fabric, Roman blinds are not just tactile to the touch. The classic drapery of Roman blinds visually softens the look of the window covering as well. Adding various textural elements throughout a room adds visual depth and interest to the space, giving the room a polished, professional decorative style. Roman blinds with a subtle, cream-toned print add a touch of pattern to the décor as well. Texture, colour and pattern are effective design elements, and Made to Measure Blinds UK’s Roman blinds deliver all three elements in style.

Available in a number of stylish colours, from champagne and cream to oatmeal and ivory, Made to Measure Blinds UK cream Roman blinds are crafted with a cotton-polyester blend that makes them as easy to care for as they are attractive. They’re available with blackout linings as well, so you can enjoy the effects of their soft, light look and still block out the sunlight whenever you wish.