White Roller Blinds Made to Measure

May 10, 2012

Made to measure white roller blinds can be the perfect finishing touch to a room’s decor. White is not just a blank canvas; it is the quintessential backdrop for other colourful, creative expression when it comes to a room’s design. With white details in your room, your walls and furniture can reflect a more exotic colour palette if you wish, or go with muted tones for an overall relaxed look. These blinds also provide privacy and UV protection in a wide selection of designs that take white to a new level.

If you want a room full of colour, white can be your best friend when it comes to window treatments. This neutral tone will not clash with your butter cream paint for your walls or those hot pink pillows that you found to go with your vibrant blue sofa. The white gives your eyes a chance to rest amid a rainbow of items that reflect your personal style.

Using this type of window treatment also can offer maximum privacy and help protect your room and furniture from the harsh rays of the sun. Patterned or bold fabric on chairs and artwork on a wall may fade over time from intense UV sunbeams. These blinds can help protect your furnishings during the room’s full-sun moments.

If you ever have tried to match white paint, then you understand white’s subtle versatility. Our white roller blinds range from shimmering or textured tones, such as Ghost White and Stratford White, to pure white, such as Acacia Ice and Imperial Ice White. If you want to add some personality to your window treatment, try a patterned style, such as the elegant Firenze Silver or lively Bloomsbury Charcoal, both with floral displays in distinct designs. Diana White and Lace Festival White offer such subtle floral detailing that at first glance, you may not notice. However, place either in a room and each can offer just the right dash of interest to an otherwise plain corner. Explore our full selection of roller blinds online to find the perfect ones for your home interior.