Cream Vertical Blinds Made to Measure

May 15, 2012

After you spent an entire day painting the room, the last thing you want to do is cover part of your hard work with heavy curtains. Yet you still want some privacy to keep the nosy neighbours from seeing your business. You could tack a blanket up along the window, but that lacks style and taste. When you want privacy without hiding too much of the wall, vertical blinds are one of the best options.

These blinds sit neatly inside the window, so you won’t lose any of your stunning wallpaper pattern when you decide to cover the window or door with vertical blinds. You can open them fully, allowing the sun to stream in, or you can close them tight to keep the light out and prevent those nosy neighbours from scoping out your private space. One of the great benefits is the ability to adjust the louvers, allowing a bit of light to fill the room while limiting visibility, in that sense vertical blinds are a good choice for privacy and light control.

Available in an incredible range of colours, you can choose blinds that range from a beautiful cream to lovely yellow or neutral brown. Look for eye-catching shades of blue or red if you want to add interest to the interior of the room and show off the colour on the exterior of your home. Whether you choose a comforting lilac or a lovely green, you are sure to love the splash of colour it adds to your space.

You can also put the vertical blinds to work in more ways than one. While they are great for privacy, you can also get vertical shades that will block out the light, allowing you to sleep in a little later every day. Thermal coated blinds reflect heat, so you can save money on your utilities every month, and you can even purchase flame retardant blinds to make your home a little safer. When you’re ready to add the beauty and versatility of vertical blinds to your home, trust us to provide you with custom blinds that will be a perfect fit.