Cream Pleated Blinds Made to Measure

May 17, 2012

Have you ever wondered why photographs of rooms in decorating magazines always look so polished and appealing? The answer is simple: light. Professional photographers understand the importance of balanced lighting when it comes to taking pictures of rooms. Lighting is a powerful component of effective interior design. The right lighting can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. It’s what makes selecting the right window coverings for our rooms so important. In interior design, light may come from a variety of sources, but no source so impacts the mood and atmosphere of a space like natural light.

All of the blinds offered by Made to Measure Blinds UK present unique opportunities to style a room with light. Our collection of cream pleated blinds are ideal when you want to imbue an interior with a soft glow of natural light. They’re particularly effecting for south- and west-facing windows, where sunlight can bathe rooms with light for much of the day.

Many of the pleated blinds offered by Made to Measure Blinds UK are available with specialised sun-reflective coatings that help block the heat of the sun in the summer and retain indoor heat in the winter. These SRC coatings help block harmful ultraviolet rays as well, protecting your furnishings from fading and deterioration. When you want to open the blinds to open up the views, our pleated blinds fold neatly into a small discreet stack.

Cream pleated blinds are perfect for conservatories, filling the space with a soft, warm glow. They add a neat, crisp texture to the décor as well, adding visual interest and complexity to the room’s overall design. Available in a variety of rich, creamy shades and a range of fabrics, you’re certain to find just the right blinds to suit your design needs. Made to Measure Blinds UK’s 12-month guarantee ensures that our blinds are the cream of the crop.