Grey Vertical Blinds Made to Measure

May 23, 2012

Are you tired of engaging with people who see the world in black and white? Remember back when grey was a colour too? Far from mediocre, the ability to see every tint of grey adds adventure to this journey of life. Bring back the middle of the road with grey window treatments.

Unlike a grey day, home decor in shades of grey with silver lining leaves the blustery weather behind while creating a posh, comfortable interior for a downtown flat or a home in the country. If clouds were this pleasant, no one would bother looking for the silver lining. Pick Made-to-Measure vertical blinds in grey or silver to inspire all-new interior decoration or simply to freshen tired fashions with an affordable new accent.

Imagine cooling your living areas on hot summer days with a simple tug that unfolds designer grey blinds to keep out the sun. Think about turning in at night and shutting out both the moon and the eyes of prying neighbours with a twist of your wrist. Imagine the ability to choose what you see from your kitchen and what your gardener doesn’t get to see. The power is yours with grey vertical blinds made to measure.

Today’s grey is far from ordinary. On depressing days, you can welcome in the sun or shut out the fog. Fashionable grey prints complement modern interior decoration by incorporating shading and texture to the room as a whole. Solid greys in an array of fabric options bring out contrasts in the room by standing out in stately elegance or blending into the surroundings to better emphasize other focal points.

No matter how stormy the weather, life is easier with vertical blinds in grey, silver or any other colour of your choice.