Brown Roller Blinds Made to Measure

May 26, 2012


While few humans can get by with wearing all brown, window dressings in brown and earth tones warm rooms and deepen the beauty of a living space. Rooms with any natural wood furniture or focal points featuring natural bamboo or some form of stained wood grain gracefully accept the addition of brown roller blinds to enhance the lighting and mood of the space.

Comfortable, luxurious home living includes the use of warm, dark colour to soothe and comfort residents and guests. Sheer or translucent blinds in shades of brown add a pleasant glow to a room during the day as sun filters in through the window. Blackout roller blinds keep harmful or disturbing rays out. With these, furniture, paint and other home decor avoid the risk of fading from sunlight, and residents can enjoy the splendid, luxurious colours of their home for years to come.

Varying shades of brown bring to mind pleasant memories: the deep colour of rich soil between fingers or toes, a chocolate bar, the perfectly brewed cup of tea. People feel more at home when surrounded by pleasantness. Lushly coloured roller blinds that remind them of happy times will help individuals relax in their own homes and in homes of friends where similar window treatments are installed.

For those trying to get rid of a mate whose been crashing on the couch for a fortnight with no intention of leaving or finding a proper job, temporarily taking down those gorgeous brown roller blinds will be in their best interest. If the mate doesn’t feel disappointed by the lack of happy memories surrounding him, he might find a new place to rest when he realizes the neighbour lady is watching his every move through the uncovered window.