Mid Natural Wood Wooden Venetian Blinds

May 28, 2012


One of the hottest trends in interior design, and perhaps one of the most unexpected, is the resurgence of the mid-century modern decorative style. A general nostalgia for a simpler time has led many to rediscover the iconic designs of post-war artists, architects and furniture makers. Far from looking dated or kitschy, mid-century modern furnishings feel fresh and contemporary.

Maybe it’s their clean lines and streamlined forms or maybe it’s their supreme functionality that still makes the mid-century furnishings feel relevant and new. Whatever the reason, the renewed interest in the sleek, modern style may explain why natural wood Venetian blinds in lush, rich hues have become so popular. Although it’s true that wooden venetian blinds work well with just about any decorative style, from traditional to rustic, mid-tone wooden Venetian blinds are most evocative of the mid-century era.

Whether it’s the rich colour of Canadian Oak or the blond tones of Mellow Pine, you can trust Made to Measure Blinds UK to offer the latest colours, stains and finishes at an exceptional value, making it easy and affordable to stay up-to-date with current design trends. Just as the best mid-century modern designers allowed form to follow function, Made to Measure Blinds UK never forgets that blinds needs to work as beautifully as they look too.

You’ll discover a broad array of window dressings at Made to Measure Blinds UK to fit out your own contemporary home in style. Whether your goal is to recreate the trendy style of the 1950s or whether you simple want to add the rich look of natural wood to your interiors, you’ll find a wide range of wooden Venetian blinds at Made to Measure Blinds UK, all crafted with quality that you can count on.