Patterned Blackout Roller Blinds

June 1, 2012


We look forward to the long days of summer all year long, but when they finally arrive, those extra hours of sunlight can sometimes cause sleep disruptions. An affordable blackout roller blind provides a simple solution, darkening rooms when you’ve had enough sun for the day. You’ll quickly discover how useful they are in other situations as well. A darkened room makes it easier for babies to settle in at naptime. Day sleepers find it easier to adjust their biological clock when they sleep in a darkened room. Blackout roller blinds even make watching television more enjoyable, recreating the dark environment of the cinema.

As functional and practical as blackout roller blinds are, at Made to Measure Blinds UK, you have the added opportunity to add a bit of style to the window dressing as well. When drawn closed, roller blinds present an ideal surface for pattern and prints. Whether it’s a pattern of dancing bears to add charm to a nursery or a striped pattern of black, grey and silver for a chic, modern look, roller blinds give you the chance to turn an ordinary window covering into something special.

Crafted from a lightweight non-transparent fabric, Made to Measure Blinds UK patterned blackout roller blinds add another layer of insulation to your windows as well, giving you greater control over heating and cooling costs. When a window doesn’t offer an attractive view, patterned roller blinds allow you to create your own decorative vista. They’re also a practical solution when privacy or security is a concern, blocking views of the inside of your private domain.

Made to Measure Blinds UK patterned blackout roller blinds are available in a broad array of colours and patterns, ensuring just the right decorative touch to enhance your home’s décor. At Made to Measure Blinds UK, you never have to sacrifice style to enjoy a good night’s sleep.