Blackout Roller Blinds For Your Home

July 2, 2012

It is common for people to take note of the amount of natural light a room receives when selecting a new home to move into. Many people love the beauty of natural light from the sun’s rays in a space, as it provides a source of brilliant, free light to a space. Dark rooms without a source of natural light can seem drab and dreary, but natural light added to the same space can make it feel inviting and cheery. As wonderful as natural light can be to a space, having the brilliance of the sun’s rays spread throughout the room is not ideal for every situation. The ability to shut out the sun’s rays with blackout roller blinds can provide you with maximum comfort in your home.

Controlling the Light
Blackout roller blinds are most commonly installed in a bedroom, but they can also be used in rooms throughout the house to control light. For example, if you have a living room with an eastern-facing window, the brilliance of the sun’s rays in the early morning when you are trying to wake up with a cup of coffee can be overwhelming. The sun’s rays can also shine brightly on the TV and prevent you and your family from being able to fully view the screen. Shades can be drawn to keep rays off of the TV and to prevent UV rays from discoloring furniture and carpeting. There may be one room in the house that is placed awkwardly so that the sun shines harshly right into your eyes. These roller blinds are ideal for blacking out the sun in these situations as well is in bedrooms. In bedrooms, they can be pulled down to create an ideal sleeping environment regardless of the brightness of the sun outside.

For Heat and Privacy
There are other reasons why people install blackout roller blinds in their home as well. These blinds prevent the sun’s heat from entering a home. The brilliant rays may bring natural light, but they also bring intense heat. By simply pulling the blinds down, you can keep a room cool and comfortable. Further, these blinds can be pulled down to keep prying eyes from peering into your windows. Blinds, curtains and other window coverings are often placed over windows, but they do not provide full coverage for privacy. A blackout window shade can be installed to ensure neighbours and passersby don’t have the opportunity to view the private sanctuary of your home.

With so many different uses and benefits associated with blackout roller blinds, you may find that they are ideal to use in rooms throughout your home. These are available in numerous colors and styles, so take time to explore the options available today.

You can view our video below with step by step instructions to fitting a blackout roller blind from Made To Measure Blinds UK.