Blinds for Every Space: How to Decide What Works Best

July 4, 2012

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of furniture or accessory that is “just perfect” for your room?  We often shop like that by finding something which catches our eye and practical or impractical we must have it in our home.  We like what we like seems reason enough, however choosing a style of window covering is more than just an esthetic decision.  There are many factors to consider which will make a specific style or material of blind appropriate for your space for long term satisfaction.

The best place to start is taking stock and accounting for the needs of the specific room you are designing.  There are a number of needful considerations you want to evaluate before you decide on the appropriate window dressing for the room which have nothing to do with esthetic and everything to do with how you use the room, and the duties you wish it to perform in your home.    No two rooms are alike so take time to consider any special structural needs of the space before starting.


How many hours per day does the room receive sunlight?  If you have upholstered furnishings that are susceptible to fading as a result of UV rays, consider that many blinds are available with a repellant coating to prevent harmful UV rays from entering the room and causing damage.

Is the room meant to be a well lit room or would you like a shaded environment?  A conservatory space takes full advantage of ample windows to generate a warm and sunny environment.  However in a multimedia viewing room, too much light would be a detriment.  Many individuals choose to install Black Out Blinds to create dark rooms on demand and eliminate distracting external light sources.

Decide upon a percentage of desirable light before you begin.


It is not always an issue with every room.  Take the kitchen for example.  If a neighbor was able to look into your kitchen you would likely be unbothered.  However a bedroom or a bathroom is an entirely different story when it comes to creating privacy with window coverings.


If the room is consistently cooler than other areas of the house, you may wish to order blinds which assist by repelling moisture and cold from the exterior while retaining warmth from the interior of the room.   Special coatings on blinds and window coverings can actually impact your energy bill and make a dramatic change to the comfort of your room.


If you have an older home, examine the quality of the window casement in question.  If the foundation of the casement is unstable, you may wish to make some improvements to it before installation of window coverings for best results.   If the casement is quite poor, you may wish to order a roller blind or other solid fabric window covering to enhance the appearance of the window and disguise some of the issues with the frame.   Roman and Roller Blinds are an excellent choice for that purpose.

Being informed of your room structure and environmental requirements will help you make the best choice for your home.  Order your free samples and get started with your vision toward your new interior space.