Cleaning Advice for Blinds and Window Coverings

July 5, 2012

It is one of the factors that help to decide what type of window coverings are suitable for your environment.  Often it is the second question our customers ask when they are considering a specific style or color.  “How hard is it to clean?”

The answer of course is determined by a number of unique factors which should be discussed before you decide on purchasing your window coverings.   The style of blind you choose and colour can determine the amount of cleaning required.   For instance lighter shades of vertical blinds are less prone to showing dust than darker colours. Vertical blinds are somewhat easier to clean and maintain than horizontal blinds.

Before you begin cleaning any window covering it is good practice to place an old blanket or sheet under the work surface to catch any falling debris.   This makes clean up quick and easy afterward and prevents furnishings from becoming soiled while cleaning your blinds.  Depending on the type of blind you have chosen there are different cleaning recommendations.

Roman and Roller Blinds

Both Roman and Roller Blinds are arguably the easiest window covering to clean.  Gently release the blind allowing the fabric to fall straight and cover the window.  Using a gentle vacuum attachment simply remove the dust from the fabric and finish by whisking with a lightly dampened cloth and allow to dry.

Seriously soiled Roman Blinds can also be removed and taken to a dry cleaner for professional cleaning.

Natural Wood Blinds

Just like the wood furnishings in your home, it is never advisable to allow natural wood blinds to become wet.  Do not spray on a liquid cleaner or use a wet cloth to clean wood blinds, as moisture will be absorbed causing the wood slats to swell and eventually split.

Wood blinds can be easily vacuumed with a gentle bristled attachment or cleaned with a soft cloth.  Do not clean with a spray wax or wood furniture polish as it has a tendency to “seal in” the dirt and debris making it more difficult to remove.   A cotton glove can be effectively used to clean your wood blinds.   An old trick is to rub the glove with a fabric softener sheet to remove the static on the glove allow the dust to be removed more easily.

Heavily soiled wood blinds can be restored by using a quality paint brush and some oil soap.  Sparingly apply the oil soap with the brush and then wipe with a clean cloth immediately afterward.

Vertical Blinds

While vertical blinds do not show dust and debris as easily as other window covering designs, they do require ongoing maintenance.  Hold the vertical blind slat gently while using a feather duster or a vacuum to remove dirt.   Many home vacuums have a special vertical blind attachment which is available to purchase and assist you.  While vertical blinds are easy to clean, they tend to be used in high traffic areas such as doors or bay windows and typically require more frequent cleaning.

As with any quality investment in home furnishings, blinds and window coverings do require a degree of responsible maintenance to keep performing and looking their best for years to come.   Get more cleaning tips on our website here.