Protecting Your Home and Family with Fire Retardant Blinds

July 6, 2012

It’s one of those options that are available on a number of home furnishings including quality window coverings and yet few people understand how important it is.  While frequently ordered for use in the kitchen, fire retardant treatments are available on most blinds and window coverings for a nominal fee and adding a fire retardant property to every room in your home can not only reduce damage but it can save lives.

How Does It Work?

It is important to understand how valuable a fire retardant treatment can be on window coverings as well as home furnishings.  In our opinion the extra expense more than compensates for itself in terms of home safety and peace of mind.

The coating is a chemical that is applied (usually sprayed topically) to a finished fabric or material.  While the type of chemical may vary depending on the manufacturer, in general fire retardants work in one of three ways:

  • By cooling the material (endothermic reaction) to prevent ignition
  • By creating a protective layer that prevents contact with the accelerant (fabric)
  • By dilution which is a chemical reaction which releases a water vapour

Choosing a fire retardant coating on your blinds is an extra safeguard to prevent window coverings from becoming a rapid accelerant in a house fire.  Fabrics by their constitution burn easily but the application of an effective fire retardant treatment prevents the flame from spreading from one location to another.  Fire safety experts agree that the single most threat during a home fire is ignition of flammable materials within the home.

We all know that the purpose of a fire retardant coating is to prohibit the ignition or spread of fire in the space.   Research has shown that a single ignition point such as a chair or a fabric window covering can spread quickly to damage the entire home.   What is most concerning is the speed with which fire can spread and become a hazard to the occupants creating dangerous smoke inhalation conditions and in extreme cases, blocking exits and making evacuation more difficult.  Windows are frequently used as exits during a house fire and protecting them can make all the difference.  Slowing down the rate of flame acceleration will provide more time for evacuation and protect your family from potential injury.

And we think that’s worth investing in.

If you are looking to add the extra safety of flame retardant window coverings to your home, take a look at our popular and economical roller blinds which start at only £25.13 and come with a twelve month guarantee.   Our fashionable pleated blinds (which allow gentle light permeation) are also available starting from £48.36.  Browse through our top selling venetian blinds (available in twelve fashionable colours and fabrics) are also available with the flame retardant safety option.

If you have a concern about a specific room in the home, please contact us to discuss your needs.  We will be happy to provide personalised recommendations to assist you.