Protect Your Home From Sun Damage

July 12, 2012

Exposure to sunlight has an irreversible impact on home furnishings.  Even though the suns UV rays has the ability to give us some pleasant seasonal colour, it has the power to significantly damage your flooring and upholstered furniture.  Your best line of defense is the installation of quality window coverings and blinds.

Sun damage is one of those things that people are not apt to notice until it is pointed out and unfortunately by that time it is too late.   If you have carpeted floors you may notice a bleaching of the carpet coloration in front of any window that allows a high volume of light into the room.   Over time this effect becomes more noticeable and unfortunately it is not repairable.

Wood flooring that is damaged by UV rays appears to be dry and cracks easily.  Significant exposure sometimes warps the shape of the floor board which can create gaps between floor boards and dangerous splintering of the surface.

Replacement of flooring is costly.  As is replacement of upholstered furniture which can suffer the same effects from over exposure to UV rays.  Homeowners do enjoy the ambiance of a bright sunny room.  What is required is a management and filtration of the natural light that will protect your interior furnishings without hindering your use or enjoyment of the space.

A media or recreation room can require total darkness in order to enjoy a movie without any source of glare.  Consider choosing a Black Out Blind which when installed will create a perfect multimedia viewing environment.  Black Out Blinds are also appropriate for individuals who work during off hours needing a dark room  to rest during the daytime.

Sitting rooms or conservatory areas are designed to be light filled spaces.  There are a variety of options to manage the amount of light that comes in (or filter it) to prevent damage from sun exposure while still enjoying the warm glow of sunlight.  Consider the elegance of Pleated Blinds which cast a pleasant hue of colour into the room while effectively filtering the light to help prevent UV damage.

Quality blinds are not only a fashionable choice for window coverings but also a very necessary tool to manage the light and heat permeation in your home.  Our tutorials make it easy to measure your space and then shop for your new blinds from the convenience of home.