Door Blind Design Tips

August 2, 2012

Windowed entrance ways are beautiful.  Wood frame doors with glass panes are unique and add a special element of inviting sentiment and design interest to your home, breaking away from the box standard full wood or metal doors.  Since the entrance of a home is located in an enclosed hall it can be dark, and windowed doors offer a great solution, opening the space up to warm natural sunlight.  Windowed doors are definitely a popular choice for patio or side entrances.

But when the sun goes down the need for privacy occurs for all windows.   Our well lit homes can become a gallery of observation once the darkness arrives and quite frankly, most of us are not comfortable with having others spectate the activities within our own homes.  And while none of us enjoys thinking of it, we do know that for safety reasons it is really best to close blinds and drapes at night.

The most popular solution historically was to cover the windowed doorway with a drapery.  Something light was generally selected so that light could permeate through the fabric.  But a semi-transparent curtain fabric will do very little to filter heat, light or provide the privacy you may want for that space.  So if you have an outdated semi-transparent drapery mounted on your windowed door, we’d like to offer you some ideas to affordably update both the appearance the functionality of your window covering.

Door Blinds Made to Measure Blinds UK

Venetian Blinds

Did you know venetian blinds perform perfectly when installed on a windowed door? Given the mounting requirements most individuals do not think of venetian blinds first. However venetians are idea for a windowed door as you can adjust the angle of the slats to moderate the amount of light you allow into the room. Consequently venetian blinds can be pulled up and out of the way for window cleaning.

Roller Blinds

The use of roller blinds over windowed doors is returning to popularity once more and is somewhat of a throwback to vintage 1950 era style. Recently a product reviewer named Debra Hall installed a gorgeous roller blind on a door in her home. The beautiful results and her written review of the product and her experience with Made to Measure Blinds UK can be found on her site here.

Woven Wood Blinds

If your doorway is an alternate exit that leads to a patio, you may consider a more casual window blind. Woven wood blinds are produced from natural wood fibers and offer a hint of “bringing the outdoors in” when used on an entrance way that leads to your patio or outdoor space.  From a design perspective it ties together the feeling of the outdoors beautifully framing your access to the garden. It is a playful application of the woven wood blind and blends well with virtually any décor, adding depth and texture to the space.

If installing Venetian or roller blinds on a windowed door, create a finished trim box around the top of the venetian blind for a formal effect. This will hide the hardware and give the installation a polished professional look. Remember to leave at least ten centimeters on either side of your box for hardware mechanisms to move or for adjustments.