Creative Design Ideas: Compliment Your Window Blinds

August 10, 2012

Window blinds are the common choice for most residential and commercial applications.  They are superior at blocking light, providing privacy and they are an excellent tool to assist with temperature moderation.  The clean linear appeal of the window blind is appealing to some for it’s simplicity in design and Spartan appearance.  But for some design objectives such as more intimate spaces including bedrooms, bathrooms or formal dining rooms the plain appearance of a blind might be less formal than desired.  Particularly if you are aiming for a more opulent look.

One of our most frequently asked customer questions pertains to combining fabric draperies and window frames.  Our customers are pleased with the functionality of their window blind but want to spruce it up a bit or add a bit of panache.  For those looking to create an extra bit of glamour we’ve gathered some fantastic design ideas to inspire your new look, with some creative accoutrements that can be added to bring drama and elegance to your window.

Wood Trim

Wood Trim Box Made to Measure Venetian BlindsIf you prefer not to add any fabric to the window covering, creating a wood trim box around the hardware of your blind is an excellent way to add interest to the window.  Trim is very affordable and easy to work with (even for a first time do-it-yourself type) and you can achieve some beautiful effects while protecting your blind hardware from dust and debris.

In this example the owner has decided to create a neat box at the top of the window frame.  Match the box to the finish of the surrounding trim for a professional effect.   While this addition seems so simple to complete, it really does add a wonderful polished effect and depending on your taste, you may opt to make it slightly larger to hold curiosities, picture frames or other object d’art and accessories to compliment the room and create additional storage to display your favourite things.


Fabric Swag

There is no disputing that adding a touch of graceful fabric to the top of a blind softens the linear look of both the window and the blind installation.  Create a romantic look by installing a curtain rod parallel to the top of the blind in a wood finish that matches the window frame for a polished look.  Add a lighter, semi-transparent fabric for a look of romantic whimsy or a heavier material for a more structured look.  You may even choose to layer fabrics and create your own unique look pairing different coloured fabrics that compliment other hues or patterns used within the room to tie the look together.  It’s amazing what some coordinating fabrics will do to synchronize your style theme within the space.

Full Length Curtains

Full Length Curtains Made to Measure Venetian Blinds UKIf you are aiming for full impact drama, you may wish to add floor length plush draperies to the front of your blinds and window frame.  This is done by placing a curtain rod parallel to the top of the blind to cover the installation hardware.  Large voluminous draperies which frame quality blinds are making a big design come-back for romantic themed bedrooms and sitting rooms.  Don’t forget to add some elegant finials and some posh bouillon or decorative tassels on the tie-backs for an incredibly luxurious effect.

Window blinds are versatile!  Whether you have installed vertical blinds or a venetian style, or a cheerful roller blind with a fantastic fabric pattern you can always enhance or change the appearance of your blind with a little imagination and some incredible fabric choices.  Your home is an expression of your personal taste, so create your space into something beautiful!