Design Tip: How to Create Visual Space with Venetian Blinds

August 13, 2012

Not many of us can say we live in a sprawling castle.  Well, we know one that does for sure but the majority of us are quiet used to the tight spaces of urban dwelling.   While needs and changing trends have lead to larger home furnishings (new sofa’s and beds are larger than they have ever been) our physical spaces, homes and flats have not increased in size.  What that means is that homeowners have need to apply a bit of design acumen in order to create the visual appearance of more space.

Made to Measure Blinds UK Venetian Roller Blinds When planning furnishings and layout, few people stop to consider the impact that a window covering can have on a space.  The natural focus leans toward floor plan and navigation through the room, but once the key elements are placed, what kind of window dressing will you choose?   Not only should you attend to the functional needs of the space (room darkening, light and temperature management) but you should consider that the style and colour of the window covering will have a large impact on the overall impression of space within your room.

In this picture we see a charming and well appointed bedroom typical in size to any average flat.  The homeowner has made some quality choices in a light wall colour and a bright white ceiling which are industry known tricks for elevating ceiling height.  The crown molding on the top painted brilliant white also adds structure and definition to the ceiling and draws the eye upward yet the room still seems rather crowded doesn’t it?

The long white drapery used as a window covering in this particular room was not the best choice to create a spacious effect.  In fact, the full length draperies hide the architectural appeal of the white trimmed windows and appear as though the voluminous fabric takes up too much valuable “real estate” along the wall and flooring.  They also would not be remotely effective at creating privacy at night, nor would they block sunlight to prevent damage to the furnishings from UV rays.  It’s a gorgeous room with (in our opinion) the entirely wrong sort of window covering.

Imagine the windows dressed in some gorgeous venetians.  White for a crisp look or perhaps a goldenrod colour to pick up the beautiful yellow accents in the room.   If creating a warm glow of white light was the objective for the home owner, they may consider applying some pleated blinds in coordinating designer fabrics or soft white hues, which would create a similar effect without impeding on the space of the room.   Roller blinds would also work very well, and for a romantic look, some semi-transparent white fabric could be mounted above each blind decoratively to add a light, airy and whimsical effect.

There are many trade secret designer techniques that you can apply yourself in your own home to create the illusion of more space.  Remember that elements within the room that offer clean structured lines at mid height in the room draw the eye upward, and create the effect of lofty space even in the smallest room.

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