Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Bathroom

August 16, 2012

If you are renovating your bathroom, take the opportunity to invest in quality window coverings that are suited to a moist environment.   Too often homeowners choose blinds that are not an appropriate application in a residential bathroom.  The result is disappointment with both the performance and the useful life of the window blind.  We all want to get value for our investment, and that starts with choosing the right blind.

Bathroom with Blinds Made to Measure Blinds UKWe know that bathrooms are high moisture environments.  The degree to which the room is exposed to moisture will depend on the square footage of the room, the number and type of appliances dispensing water and the ventilation of the room.   We can provide some tips on assessing your bathroom first and then assist you to determine the right kind of window covering for your needs.

The size of your bathroom will determine the moisture or condensation level in the space.  The smaller the bathroom the less opportunity there is for dampness to escape the room.   Very few small bathrooms have windows or built in ventilation to assist with removing the moisture and this traps the dampness inside creating problematic damage to walls, flooring, wood trims or window coverings.

Larger model bathrooms are able to effectively disperse moisture with increased air flow and ventilation and present somewhat less of a problem.   Remember that small bathrooms have a number of special needs including water resistant paints and finishes.   Larger bathrooms which are equipped with bathtubs which can generate a lot of moisture damage in the space, and require much the same level of consideration as a confined space when choosing an appropriate window covering.

When you are choosing window blinds for a bathroom consider materials that are resistant to moisture and mold.  The most popular choice for blinds in large bathrooms is the Wood Effect Venetian blind or the Aluminum Venetian blind.   If you are looking to add a touch of “the outdoors” into your bathroom design, consider our Woven Wood blinds for a textured natural appeal.   While natural wood blinds are subject to swelling and warping when exposed to moisture, the woven wood blinds with their unique structure, are resistant to swelling and the spaces between the blinds offer room for expansion and retraction without warping the shape.

Patterned Roller blinds can be a charming choice for a powder room or small guest bathroom.  They offer a delicate feminine touch to bathrooms and can be easily embellished for a decadent look.   Keep in mind however that if the bathroom sees a great deal of foot traffic, a darker pattern or another style of blind that is easier to clean may be the best choice.

Consider that there are a variety of blinds designs and construction materials that are suitable for different applications within your home.  Evaluate your space and consider not only the design esthetic of your choice of window coverings but also the functional and long term utility of your blind or shade.

Choose the right blind for the right room and you will get your money’s worth of enjoyment and use for many years to come.   How do we know?  Because every blind is made to measure… just for you.