Outside In: The Organic Appeal of Natural Wood Blinds

August 17, 2012

Wood Blind Finishes Venetian BlindsWe all love being outdoors don’t we.   It’s particularly true for those of us in the UK where we see a fairly rationed number of really warm sunny days to enjoy our outdoor spaces.   That is also the reason why the addition of conservatory spaces to a home are so common.  We love being outdoors, or at least feeling as though we are as often as possible.  When it’s not possible we look for some creative design methods to bring elements of the outside in.

Natural wood is the oldest and most common building material.  Wood flooring and wood trim, just consider the amount of natural wood we place into our homes with accessories and furnishings.   The appearance of wood elements emotes a sense of relaxation and organic beauty and it can be applied in both formal and casual interior design themes.  However there are some other advantages to consider when choosing bespoke wood blinds for your home.

Environmentally Friendly                               

Materials for wood blinds are commonly sourced locally which means a great savings on the carbon footprint during the manufacturing and shipping process.  Natural wood blinds are not constructed from artificial materials which means as the product breaks down through normal use, chemicals and CFCs are not released into the home.  Studies have shown that as plastic blinds degenerate over time, harmful chemicals can be released into the home causing poor air quality.  Read our informative article titled “A Healthy Home: Blinds and Indoor Air Quality” for more information.

When it comes time to replace your blinds, what impact will your product choice have on the environment?  Wood is a renewable resource and natural wood blinds can be recycled with other compost materials and break down organically when discarded.  Plastic blinds in landfills can take more than a hundred years to decompose, but we can opt to make a more environmentally friendly informed choice when choosing products for our home.

Durability and Performance                                                              

As a building material, wood has a number of natural qualities that make it the ideal choice for window blinds.   Wood blinds are heat absorbing which works as an advantage both in hot and cold temperatures.  During warmer months, wood blinds will absorb the head entering through the window and filter some of that temperate to help moderate warmth.   In cooler month when we are artificially heating our homes, wood blinds help by insulating the window frame (when closed completely) to help retain heat and reduce energy costs.   Wood blinds are hypoallergenic and excellent for individuals with allergies as they can be easily cleaned to remove dust and other particulates that gather on window coverings.  The convenience with which the wide wooden slats can be cleaned will have some members of your household breathing much easier.

Made to Measure Blinds UK offers a variety of finishes in our collection of natural Wooden Venetian blinds including the popular Aged Teak or the contemporary distressed finish of our Shingle Grey.  If you aren’t sure about a few selections of wood finishes order free samples to evaluate in your home and order online to bring the organic natural appeal of authentic wood blinds to your home.