Manage Energy Costs With Quality Window Coverings

August 28, 2012

When considering ways to conserve energy, window coverings are usually last on the list. Homeowners typically evaluate appliances, insulation and entranceways to determine where heat or cold air may enter. Temperature controls or air conditioning are usually evaluated during an energy audit to determine their efficiency. But did you know that well sealed and new windows can still cost you hundreds of dollars a year or more in energy expenses?

Believe it or not, it’s all about the window coverings.

Prior to the popularity of venetian window blinds and other models, it was customary for homes to have draperies for the winter months and a separate set for the summer months. Our grandparents knew a thing or two about the cost of heating and keeping the warm air in. Winter draperies were specially lined to repel the cold and dampness from the glass window frame on the exterior, while reflecting the heat from the interior to keep it from escaping.   Summer blinds were naturally lighter fabric to allow sunlight in, and air to move freely through open windows to help cool the home. Overtime however as we became a more time conscious society, the practice of winter and summer draperies fell out of practice, but the practical principals of heat conservation remain the same.

Quality roller blinds and venetian blinds are excellent tools to assist in moderating both the temperature of your home as well as impacting the cost of your energy bill.  Quality blinds create a layer of air insulation between your window and the cold or heat outdoors, reducing the transfer of both temperature extremes. Specially treated blinds and fabrics can effectively filter UV rays (which permeate through other draperies and materials) to prevent unfiltered sunlight from entering the room, increasing temperatures and requiring additional air cooling for comfort.   That cooling comes at an expensive cost over the course of a season.

When the cold winter months arrive, quality venetian or roller blinds are an excellent defense against the frosty air and dampness outside.  Again, they act as a buffer to block cold from coming into the home (if blinds are closed) while retaining the warmth of the home. While many different materials do an excellent job of moderating windows from the elements, natural wood venetian blinds are a popular choice given the inherent qualities of natural fibers to insulate.

Lastly your venetian blinds are a flexible window covering allowing you to tailor the amount of light you wish to enter the room. On a brightly lit day, the fully opened venetian blind allows for light penetration saving you on lighting costs as well.

When planning your window coverings, consider the added benefits of installing quality venetian or roller blinds into your home. Not only will they update your space in fashionable fabrics and coordinating blind colours but new window coverings will moderate heat and cold, and help you make the most of natural light to keep your energy costs well under control.