The Winners of Britains Ugliest Blinds

September 6, 2012

Congratulations to our three winners of our photo contest. We ventured to find three homes in most need of some ‘blind intervention’ and found them. While having a little fun, we wanted to demonstrate how easily it is to update your home affordably with new window coverings and we look forward to follow up pictures from our three winning contestants with their new blinds.

We would like to share the top winning submissions with you.

  1st Prize £200 – Josiah Allen-Litchmore (London) “DIY Blinds Gone Wrong”

Tell us why you think your window deserves to be known as “Britain’s Ugliest Blind”.

“These are some blinds I attempted to install myself, but they soon started to fall apart and are now primarily supported by brown tape along the edges. This scene occurs at least once a day where almost the entire blind peels off the roller at the top.”

  2nd Prize £100 –Joanne Bean “Roller Blinds – My Eyes!”

Tell us why you think your window deserves to be known as “Britain’s Ugliest Blind”.

“This is the view that I see every day from my desk! How on earth I am supposed to put in a productive day at work having to look at this monstrosity I’ll never know! Please help me keep my job by giving me something more inspiring to look at!”

  3rd Prize £50 – Natasha Cross “Smokey Glass”

Tell us why you think your window deserves to be known as “Britain’s Ugliest Blind”.

“We currently can’t afford a blind for our bathroom as we have just moved into our new home. We also can’t afford an oven right now so have had no choice but to use our BBQ come rain or shine… We desperately need a bathroom blind for obvious reasons (photo 1) but yesterday my other half took the ‘Smoked Glass effect’ to a new level (photo 2). As it was raining he pushed the BBQ right up against the wall! Not only do I need a blind so I can stop giving my neighbours an eyeful I also need a new windowsill!”


Thank you to everyone who visited our Facebook page and posts, and those who voted for the submissions. We had a wonderful time judging the submissions and meeting with all the participants. We hope that you enjoyed the competition and thank you for choosing Made to Measure Blinds for convenient shop-at-home bespoke blind products. Please bookmark our blog for more information on our products, care and maintenance as well as décor and design ideas for creative applications of quality window blinds.


Peter Badger

Peter Badger – Owner

Made to Measure Blinds UK