Window Coverings and Energy Conservation: What You Need to Know to Save

September 24, 2012

Using the term “winter drapery” today would likely create some confusion unless the individual was over the age of sixty years.   It was the traditional practice of replacing drapery depending on the season in order to best insulate or ventilate the home for the variable weather.    It’s a practice that is no longer practiced and perhaps reflects our modern busy lifestyles or a general lack of concern for the energy costs and home efficiency.

Lately however we have all noted the rising cost of energy.  As bills for heating and hydro electric continue to climb, Britons have turned an eye toward energy conservation once more.  It’s a wonderful trend that has each of us evaluating our usage in terms of cost and also the impact of our consumption on the natural environment.   This has us all looking to the past for better ways to do things in the present, and that includes evaluating our window coverings for optimal energy efficiency in our homes.

No matter how old or new our homes are, there will be energy issues around doorways and window.  This is common and it is where we lose a great deal of our efficiency whether in summer or winter.   Taking a page from our grandparents, it is prudent to have good quality window coverings installed which help in a number of ways.  While we don’t suggest you invest in some heavy lined vintage fabric curtains to do the trick, we have some modern solutions to the same problem that will reduce your energy costs this winter.

Roller blinds are a fabulous way to create an additional barrier between the window pane and your home, and they offer two way protection.  A good quality roller blind will help block cold and dampness from entering the room. The backing of a roller blind is designed to incur possible dampness and draft from the window.  While a blind will not entirely eliminate cold air from entering, it does add another layer of protection that helps to repel moisture and the cold.  Conversely a drawn roller blind will help retain warm air inside the room by creating a barrier in the same manner.  This helps to moderate the interior temperature of your home, and reduce the need for heating.

Vertical blinds are another choice for keeping the cold out and the warm air in this season.  Most fabrics chosen for vertical blinds are insular in construction as they are frequently used in patio door applications where heat loss is critical.  You can order a special thermal SRC coating which increases the efficiency of temperature and UV blocking in the vertical blind and a reminder that vertical blinds come in a variety of lengths and are suitable for bedroom and bathroom applications as well.

If you are looking for a way to save costs on your energy bill this winter, consider replacing your window coverings with quality blinds from Made to Measure Blinds UK.  We offer a convenient shop-at-home service with free delivery on orders over £100.  Refresh the style of your home affordably, save costs on heating and reduce your carbon footprint by making your home a place that conserves energy this year.   Consider it a gift for yourself and the environment.