Choosing Blinds for Men

September 26, 2012

 Creating the Consummate Lad Pad

We overheard someone mention that it is terribly hard for men to find what they would call “masculine” window coverings.   Apparently most men choose a venetian blind because it is far easier to purchase and install for their flats or homes than a fabric pattern window covering.   It is rather easy to find floral patterns that appeal to women and children but somewhat harder to find that ‘manly’ looking blind. The conversation brought a whole new thought process to window covering products for men.   How do you create a more masculine look with window coverings?

The first thing we did was take a look at our fabric samples to determine if we had enough options for our male customers.  We were relieved to find a number of product styles and patterns that would work very well in a bachelors space.   So gentlemen if you have been looking for some new window coverings, we are happy to provide some of our best recommendations made to measure just for you.

Blinds for MenWood Venetian Blinds

Without a doubt venetian blinds are the product of choice for many flats.  They are an affordable and versatile window covering that allows you to modify the amount of light and privacy you require.  In addition, the wood finishes add another layer of natural appeal to the home.  For a polished designer look, choose a wood finish that coordinates with other solid wood grains and finishes in the home, such as accent furnishings (coffee tables) trim around doors and windows and even flooring.  A coordinated wood look is very professional.

Roman Blinds

The interesting thing about Roman Blinds as a window covering style is how versatile they can be.  Paired with a floral pattern, Roman Blinds can take on a very feminine look.   But change the pattern to a more uniform or to a solid fabric and the Roman Blind takes on a whole different dimension.   The voluminous fabric is eye catching and is a break from the box standard venetians in terms of style, and we have many made to measure options available in a variety of colours.

Woven Wood Blinds

Woven wood blinds are not what they used to be.  New generation woven wood blinds are trending and are an excellent way to add that natural wood flavour to your space.  What’s wonderful about them is that they offer an unexpected texture to the environment, and can be a great casual touch for rooms that do not require 100% light blocking properties.  Consider it a great choice for kitchens and guest bathrooms also.

We’ve got some great options for men looking to refresh their space with some new window coverings.  Shop conveniently online for made to measure bespoke blind service, delivered right to your door.  Our installation guides make it easy to review what you’ll need to get the job done and your Mom will completely understand when you replace those blinds she gave you.  Express your own style with made to measure blinds.