The Psychology of Colour

September 28, 2012

You’ve heard the saying that “you are what you eat” when it comes to making choices that have an outcome on your health.  But did you know that the colours we surround ourselves with also have an impact on our relaxation, health and happiness? It’s true.  In fact there is a science that studies the impact of colour health on our well being and the people who study it are bona fide Colour Psychologists.

Colour Blinds made to measureOne of the unfortunate trends in residential décor has been a leaning toward neutral palettes.   While some people may actually prefer a neutral palette the idea of incorporating it into the home is owed to Realtors who encourage it for resale purposes.  So if you are looking to sell your home it is best to stick to this neutral schematic so that your home will appeal to a variety of sellers who can perhaps envision their own changes easier in a visually homogenised environment.

But do we all have to live that way?  Absolutely not and thankfully what is trending in design are bold colours and fabric patterns once more.  Since most homeowners have adopted a neutral décor, adding a splash of vibrant colour or pattern is quite easy to do with some made to measure blinds.

Choose Red

The colour red has a number of positive attributes and influences physical courage, strength and warmth.  It is also the colour of excitement and is a great choice for rooms such as a home office, living room or den or even a guest bathroom or kitchen.    Red is not generally recommended for more intimate spaces such as bedrooms as it can be over stimulating and make rest more difficult.

We have made to measure Roman Blinds, venetian blinds and verticals in brilliant red colours to choose from.  If you are looking for a simple splash of red, we also have some fabulous fabric choices such as the Russet Matte Venetian Blind or the Lombok Cherry Roman Blind.  Our Costello Deep Red Blackout Blind is also very popular.

Choose Yellow

Yellow carries with it the feeling of optimism, self-esteem, extroversion, friendliness and creativity.  It is a fabulous colour for a child’s bedroom or other high traffic family space such as a living room or den.    We have some great made to measure options for you in yellow such as the playful Millie Yellow Roller Blind or the Penang Gold pattern.      Explore the luxurious Adele Yellow Roman Blind fabric or you can order some samples online to evaluate in your home.

Choose Black

We know that black is not actually a colour but rather the absence of colour on the spectrum.  However the use of black window blinds and coverings can create definition and architectural interest in the home.   Black brings the effect of sophistication, glamour and security, substance and reliability. Whether choosing a fabulous silhouette black and white pattern or dark black woven wood blinds, you will create depth in your room with this striking hue.

Feeling adventurous and ready to refresh your home with some new colours? Made to Measure Blinds UK makes shopping and ordering online easy.   Simply measure your window and shop your best options from our wide variety of beautiful window coverings.   Order free samples to consider in the comfort of your home and purchase with confidence.    Our bespoke blinds are made to measure, just for you.