Switch Up Your Window Coverings

October 16, 2012

We all want to change the look of our home décor periodically to refresh our space.  Nothing feels quite as good as envisioning a new look for your living room, home office or kitchen but there are commonly two obstacles to changing the appearance of your interior design.  First is the time to complete your project or renovation and the second is of course, cost and expense.

Woman RedecoratingYou’ve heard the adage “what is old is new again” spoken sometimes when referring to fashion trends that return, such as vintage designs.  What is interesting is that it holds a design idea that can help you get a new look for your entire home on a fraction of the budget, by repurposing some of your existing blinds while adding new ones, made to measure for your home.

If your home is an older design, many of the windows may be a box standard size.  This means that you will be able to dismantle existing blinds and reapply them in new rooms to create a new look.   Have curtains in one room and venetian blinds in the other?  Consider pairing them for a new look in a bedroom or home office instead.  Full length vertical blinds can be applied in a short window, framed by some fabric drapery to create a new layered appearance.

When repurposing existing blinds in your home, look toward matching the blind with a particular hue or accent colour within the room.  For instance with a tan coloured venetian blind you match it with a chocolate brown painted accent wall and taupe room for a warm, inviting feeling.

What is the best part about using existing blinds in new rooms?  It is an opportunity to create a new look using your current hardware and window coverings.  The best part however is making room for brand new window coverings such as our made to measure Roman Blinds or the trendy Woven Wood Blind for added ambiance and texture in your home.  Think outside the blind and create a bright cheerful space with fashionable patterned fabrics available in our Roller Blinds, Blackout Blinds and Roman Blinds.  We have more than a hundred different fabric patterns and we are certain we have something you will love.

Sometimes the key to keeping your interior space fresh and renewed is to use a little imagination to evaluate where and how you can utilise existing elements to create a new expression of your good taste.  A new use for some of the old while making room for the new is a brilliant way to renovate economically while switching up your space with some new looks that your family will simply love!

Our bespoke blind service features online browsing of our fabric samples and blind finishes in an easy to use format.  Simply choose the style and the pattern or finish and add options to your purchase detail to receive an accurate quote.  Order online for home delivery, and use our video and written tutorials to assist you while you install your new blinds.  Save money with DIY (Do It Yourself) installation and create a space you will love with made to measure blinds.