Stay Warm With Quality Blinds

October 18, 2012

We are all looking for ways to be more energy conscious when it comes to our homes.  Whether you have a house or a flat, your energy bill can quickly become a source of concern in the colder months.  Turning off and unplugging appliances, reducing the amount of electricity that you use are all helpful to keep your energy bills manageable.  But did you know that quality window blinds are a secret weapon in further insulating your home and preventing unnecessary heating costs?

You may have heard that having the right window coverings can make a big difference on energy costs but for most people it is hard to imagine that blinds or shades can have that much of an impact on the home environment.  We wanted to take a moment to actually explain how that works so that our customers realise the added benefit of using window blinds to moderate temperatures within their homes.

Large windows that are a joy in the warmer seasons become a source of cold temperature variance in the winter.  Even if the window is well sealed, by default the glass pane of any window will radiate cold.  Residential window glass does not typically have an insulating property, particularly if your home has older windows.  The style of the window can also contribute to the amount of cold generated.  Bay windows are notorious for creating a drafty feeling simply by the square footage of the exposed glass which absorbs the cold and unfortunately sends a portion of that cold temperature into the room.

And that radiating cold can really impact your enjoyment of the space.  Some people are even forced to move furniture during the winter months to avoid the perceived draft of the window.  Others still may avoid certain rooms because they persistently feel cold in the off seasons.  Take back your space and moderate your temperature appropriately with made to measure bespoke blinds.

Window blinds do a great job as an additional barrier between your comfort and the cold.   In a similar way that putting on a blanket will make you feel warmer, adding quality blinds to your window will filter out a large portion of the radiating cold temperature.   When drawn (or pulled down and closed) they function like a blanket to help keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

We are all looking for small affordable solutions that will make a difference in our monthly expenses.  By insulating window frames properly and installing quality window blinds you can remove the need to turn up the heating when the temperatures drop.  It’s a good investment and a small change that can make a very big difference on your energy bill this year.

Explore our roller blinds and natural wood blinds for optimal temperature moderation performance.   If bright lights or exterior light glare are an issue, browse our black out blinds which not only function as a fabulous filter for moderating temperature but also filter almost all bright light from the exterior when drawn.

New blinds are a practical investment which are easy to implement and have the added benefit of refreshing your decor.  Not sure which blinds are best for your home or for a unique window structure?  Contact us.  Our friendly customer service department will be pleased to help you explore the variety of styles and more than one hundred different fabrics available to help you find the perfect fit, style and size.