The Debut of the Memphis Blackout Collection

November 14, 2012

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to buy blackout blinds for your home or flat, we are pleased to offer you our new Memphis Blackout Collection of contemporary fabrics and rich versatile neutrals to suit your décor.   The best part is that we are proud to offer our customers this new line at an incredible price from £25.13.  Finally stunning blinds at a price point families can afford!

Memphis Blackout Blind Colour Swatches

The key benefit of blackout blinds is that they are the most effective way to eliminate unwanted light in a room.   Bright and distracting light can interfere with your relaxation and prevent you from getting a solid night of sleep.  Studies have shown that to achieve quality deep sleep the body requires the kind of dark and restful environment that comes with the installation of a blackout blind from Made to Measure Blinds UK.  They are also a perfect choice for entertainment rooms as they prevent glare from external sources and reflection on your television or computer screens and are available in our popular vertical blind style.

We have handpicked twenty two (22) contemporary and classic colours for the Memphis Blackout collection that we know you are going to love from cool tones to warm natural tones, and vibrant russets and greens.   We think that some of the primary hues in the Memphis Collection (such as Baby Pink, Sky and Amethyst) will be popular choices for children’s rooms while warm neutrals such as Natural and Pesto will be the perfect design application  in sitting rooms, dens and dining rooms.  Daring red or delicious chocolate toned fabrics set the perfect backdrop for your new décor.


Featured in the Memphis Blackout Collection is a superior manufactured fabric and design with a rubber backing that helps to block light while helping to moderate temperature and prevent energy loss and protecting furnishings from UV damage.  Unlike other manufacturers which provide the backing in a white colour (which appears unpleasantly unfinished from the outside), the Memphis Collection is offered in a matching self colour backing for a professional look.

The fabrics are available at a maximum width of 300 cm and a maximum drop (length) of 174 cm or with the fabric turn option maximum width of 194 cm and a maximum drop (length) of 240cm . They are are colour fast and able to be cleaned with a damp cloth.   The weave of the fabric offers a textured appeal and as with all our blind products, the Memphis Blackout Collection comes with a twelve (12) month guarantee.

If you have been waiting for something a little more in your budget range for a blackout blind then now is the perfect time to order from our affordably Memphis Blackout Collection.   We don’t believe in compromising quality for cost so you can expect both in your order of bespoke blackout blinds and friendly assistance.

Feel like sharing your décor vision?  We welcome photographs from clients of their blind installation projects.  Write to us and tell us what you love about your new blind and how you created the perfect look using Made to Measure Blinds UK.   Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and share design inspiration with other do-it-yourself (DIY) décor enthusiasts.