A Most Discerning Client

November 20, 2012

The staff of Made to Measure Blinds meet the most interesting customers and characters in our line of business. One such character is a cheeky ginger cat named Pidge.

Our Made to Measure Blinds Owner Peter was talking to one of our repeat clients Sarah, and has learned that Sarah has become accustomed to a very special “installation supervisor” when she orders and installs her new blinds.  Apparently Mr. Pidge chose his family about six years ago and has been running the house ever since.    This notorious cat is well known to the neighbours as well and stands accused of stealing lasagna once!  Very much like a cartoon cat we all know and love.

When Sarah has been measuring or completing her do-it-yourself (DIY) installations in the home, Pidge has been kind enough to sit close to her and make sure that she gets the job done right.   Mr. Pidge has something of a scowl on his face though and is quite serious about each project, giving Sarah the occasional “Well, you I think you are doing it wrong” cat-ittude.

Made to Measure Blinds operates as an online store for economies of scale in order to pass the savings directly to its customers.   We think our customers appreciate getting the best possible value for their budget over a fancy store, or posh giveaways.   But what makes us a little different is that our customer service is personal.  Sarah could call and get our best advice and assistance over the phone for her project.  And then of course, share the story of Mr. Pidge.

We appreciate our customers and we really do create a positive relationship with them.  That’s why our customers come back.   When a business really cares, it shows and it is always in the way we pay attention to what is important.   We are in business to serve and care for even the most discerning clients.  Right Mr. Pidge?