The Durability of Wood Effect Blinds

January 29, 2013

Wood venetian blinds are by far one of our most popular selling window coverings.  There is much to be said about the ‘feel good’ quality of having a rich finish wood blind in the room.  They are incredibly durable and create organic warmth and a sense of well being to bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

There are some window applications however that will not suit the installation of a natural wood blind.   Certain rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens may have windows that see a disproportionate amount of moisture.    These types of windows can be difficult to cover effectively as dampness can harm or stain many types of fabrics while installation of natural wood blinds will create damage to the slats from moisture and swelling over time.

Wood Effect Venetian BlindsIf you are set on creating the look of natural wood but have a problem with moisture, we recommend our Wood Effect blind.   It has all the warmth and appeal of a real wood blind but it is made instead from aluminum.  The Wood Effect venetian finish is so realistically natural that few people can tell the difference until they actually touch the blind.   The benefit of course is that the aluminum blind is not susceptible to moisture damage and will remain durable even in consistently damp environments.


What that provides is a durable solution and quality window covering for your home.

The Wood Effect Venetian blind is available in a variety of finishes and it is a product we recommend for kitchens, bathrooms and basement windows.   Explore the variety of finish options on our product page and take advantage of our free sample program to evaluate your selections in your home before you buy.   Purchase with confidence and enjoy the convenience of ordering bespoke blinds from the comfort of your own home with Made to Measure Blinds UK.