Trend Watch: Bold Roller Blinds

February 4, 2013

Have you ever walked into a room and thought it was missing something?  The trend of monochromatic decor or neutrals has been around for some time, and one of the interesting new trends is quite the opposite of neutral.   Instead designers are splashing out in bold patterns and vibrant colours that work with a pre-existing neutral decor (walls and furnishings).

If you are a big fan of loud colour and bold patterns you are probably excited to see the buzz in fashion and interior decor in 2013.  All signs point to nixing the neutral trend in favour of the kind of patterns that make an impact when you enter the room.  Something that draws the eye and creates that “wow” effect. The good news is that you don’t have to change a lot to achieve this year’s trend in your own home.  You can do it easily and affordably with quality window blinds.

The Neutral Decor

If you currently have a taupe or natural beige design scheme you can treat your room like a blank canvas.  With neutral walls and furnishings, virtually any window blind that you choose is going to work if you wish to incorporate some new colour or pattern.

Woman looking at blindsTurn heads with a vibrant red hue such as our Acacia Mulberry or Mallory Chartreuse  available in our Roller Blind style.

The Multi-Coloured Decor

If the room you would like to redecorate already has three or more dominant shades incorporated you have a number of options.   You can choose to enhance the most dominant colour and choose a window blind that matches that hue.  What that will do is provide one anchor in the spectrum while allowing you to use accessories and other design elements to subtly compliment.

Unless you are very adventurous you want to avoid combining too many different colours.  Studies have shown that a Technicolor environment (while visually exciting) can contribute to problems with sleep and relaxation.


To calm a multi-colour design schematic, choose a neutral fabric tone with some textural interest and pattern.  Our Easton Pistachio available in our Roller Blinds is just one of many options we have available.

The benefit of bespoke blinds is that you can measure your window and order the perfect fit.   Visit our website and browse more than 125 fabric samples available and contact us if you have any questions.   We would love to help you get a great new look for your home this year with quality, affordable window blinds from Made to Measure Blinds UK.