Sheer and Chic: Semi-Transparent Fashion Blinds

February 11, 2013

There is nothing scandalous about having a sheer window blind in your room or throughout your home.  The truth is that sheer fabrics are trending as a clever way to create a degree of privacy and temperature moderation without depriving your room of the pleasurable glow of natural light.   There are a number of benefits to choosing a sheer blind and they make quite an esthetic impact in virtually any decor from classic to contemporary.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

Choosing a sheer fabric for a vertical blind is perfect for those rooms that might not get as much full sunlight.   If complete privacy is not a concern, sheer vertical blinds are a charming application in a spa like bathroom or bedroom.    The light consistency of the fabric creates a romantic feminine appeal.

Go monochromatic with delicious shades of coffee and cream and choose the Innocence Taupe as your vertical blind.  Create a dreamy glow with a lighter hue and make the most of that natural light with Innocence White.

Sheer Roller Blinds

While not completely semi-transparent we do have a number of unlined fabric options available in the versatile and easy to maintain pleated blind style.  Without a lining or backing, the fabric can take on an entirely different look particularly where there is a bold pattern.  Accents from the unlined fabric will be highlighted by natural light showing lighter and darker permeation depending on the pattern.

Create definition and interest with this bold black pattern Pandora Monochrome.  The repeated floral accent is accented in this popular fabric.  The Sapota Monochrome is our most popular semi-transparent (sheer) fabric and the pattern offers some whimsy to any decor.

Remember to get creative with your combination of different window coverings.  Why should you have to choose between privacy and an elegant look?   Consider pairing a high texture blind such as our woven wood blind for privacy with a sheer vertical blind in front.  You can have the option and flexibility you need without compromising esthetic.