Door Blinds Q & A

February 19, 2013

Many of our customers have asked us for advice on choosing a window covering style for their door. Glass panes can seem painful to cover, depending on the width and framing of the windowed entry. With a bit of measuring and some expertise, you can professionally fit your door with a quality blind that not only provides privacy and temperature moderation, but one that looks great too.

We recommend using a roller blind on your door. Cleaning your window glass is made easier by installing a quality roller blind which can be drawn upward and out of the way when it is time for cleaning compared to the venetian blind.

So can you measure and professionally fit a roller blind in your home?

Yes you can its very straightforward, just need a good tape measure and a little consideration given to your handle, as the handle will decide the width of your fabric when you raise and lower the blind it needs to drop down behind the handle see (B) right.
Begin by measuring the distance from the edge of the glass to your handle see (A) above. Let’s say this is 3cm for this example. The fabric needs to look central on the door so measure the same distance on the left hand side of the door 3 cm also. So now we have the fabric width, the door in the picture provided a total fabric width of 62.0 cm see (C) below left.
Now one final thing to allow for, if you look at the brackets see (D) far bottom right you will see that due to the brackets there is fabric loss to allow for them. When we manufacture our Roller blinds we always include the bracket within the total width of the blind provided, the fabric lost due to this procedure is 2.8 cm. So all you need to do is add this amount back to the total fabric width in this example 62.0 + 2.8 = 64.8cm. It will then provide a finished blind width of 64.8cm with the brackets attached and a finished fabric width of 62.0 cm, order the blind as (EXACT) on the website.

Just check that the additional width will not provide any problems with fitting as obviously the blind will be a little wider at the fitting position. Allow 4 cm above the glass for bracket location / fitting and below to provide glass coverage on the length.

We provide full installation guides on the site; all you need is a battery screwdriver or a standard screwdriver. The installation hardware. i.e., screws with your brackets that would be suitable for a door installation as described above are provided. With care it is possible to drive the screws straight into PVC with a battery screwdriver or wood, or pre drill your holes with a 3mm drill bit this will be necessary if the door is metal along with a No 6 self tapping screw if the latter.
Remembering how you measured the door will provide the bracket positions. Unroll a little of the fabric to locate the brackets on each end of the barrel to offer the blind up to the window glass. Remember that the fabric needs to travel behind the handle so position the bracket so it will provide that when operated, just mark through the holes with a pencil to help you line it up.
Two key things to remember keep the blind straight when mounting the brackets and in the correct position to miss the handle, if you do not mount the blind parallel then it will not roll correctly on the barrel this will become apparent if the fabric rolls to one side, if this happens you need to put a level on the blind or check both brackets are on the same plane. Follow all these instructions and the blind will provide many years of service as long as it is used in the correct manner.
One final consideration if your door opens inwards i.e., into the room then pause to check and see how much space you have between the door itself and the hinged wall, the bracket will protrude from the door by 4.8 cm this may restrict the door opening you will have to decide if you feel that is satisfactory or not with the possible reduced opening space. We also recommend fitting a rubber door stop to help protect the blind control unit and the wall.

Have other questions regarding installation of a door blind? Contact our customer service department. We are happy to assist you with getting your bespoke blind fitting well and looking fabulous.