Why Roman Blinds Are Trending

April 2, 2013

Is your home stuck in a design rut?  Sometimes we can have the same style favourites for years without a complaint, and then feel the need to broaden our

decor horizons and try something different.  Splash out for an entirely new look!  While overhauling your entire home or renovation may not be in the budget, you can make an impressive impact by updating your window coverings.

Venetian blinds are by far, the top selling blind design around the world.  They are convenient to install and come in a variety of options from aluminum blinds to quality wood blinds.  Venetian blinds offer the option of full privacy or open to allow natural light into your room.   They are easy to clean and can


be drawn fully out of the way when it’s time to clean the window.

If you have always had a venetian blind in your home, you may be ready for a change.   We’d like to point you to the fabulous Roman Blind style that offers a variety of options depending on the needs for your room both in terms of appearance and functionality.  Let’s explore why the popular Roman Blind is trending.

Plush Luxurious Design

Looking to create a more romantic look?  Something a little less like the office and a little more like a place you can relax in?   The Roman Blind looks fabulous when it is fully extended with a clean design and straight lines.   Whether you choose a solid fabric or a pattern, the Roman Blind can be drawn to full height for a voluminous effect or midway to allow some natural light in.   The full fabric creates a comfortable appeal.

Easy to Install

Roman blinds are very easy to install, even if you have never installed a blind before.    You can choose to install them inside of the window recess to keep the roman blind framed by the window trimming.  You can also opt to install them outside of the window recess (on top of the frame) if you would like to cover the trim, or for older windows that you would rather cover up.  Our tutorials make it easy to measure accurately and order your bespoke Roman Blind for the perfect fit.

We provide Roman Blinds starting from £53.86 with a comprehensive twelve month guarantee.  Explore the convenience of order bespoke blinds online, made to measure just for you.