Made to Measure Blinds UK Blogger Outreach Program: FAQ

April 8, 2013

You might have heard us talking in our social networks, on Facebook and Twitter about opportunities for guest posts or reciprocal content as part of our blogger outreach program.   We thought we’d take a moment in our own blog to discuss guest blogging, what it entails and what we hope to achieve through our monthly blogger outreach initiatives.

We are excited about the opportunity to connect to talented interior designers as well and brands and products that accentuate home décor.  There are a number of advantages for both Made to Measure Blinds UK as well as the host blog to participate, and we’ll start by answering a few questions.

Do You Pay For Blog Posts?

We don’t pay writers to participate in our blogger outreach program but there are a number of advantages for individual interior designers or home décor businesses to participate.   One of the cornerstones of successful digital marketing is regular content writing.  Adding new posts to your website will support SEO efforts for your domain, and help you improve your results in Google or Bing Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  Sourcing good quality content can be difficult.  This is a successful way to augment your current business blog, and generate new readers.

Check out this great video “Guest Blogging Strategies” by SEOmoz for more information.

How Does It Work?

If your blog meets our guidelines for the blogger outreach program, we will provide you with a free topical article that is geared toward your current audience.   Without being advertorial, we will discuss interior décor inspirations, tips and ideas that are useful for individuals shopping for a new look for their home.

The post will be more than 350 words and will contain a hyperlink to our website that is blended well in the natural text of the article.  The result?   Your readers get a great article, you get more traffic to your website and we have the opportunity to benefit from the ‘link-back’ value of the article.    Once the article is posted we will cycle it into our social media announcements, helping you drive additional visits to your domain.

The Criteria

  • Alexa web ranking of less than one million
  • Themed to interior design or home/commercial design projects, décor or accessories
  • No objectionable material on the website, nudity, profanity etc.

Does a guest blogging opportunity sound like a good fit for your business?  Contact us for more information about participating in our blogger outreach program.