Staff Picks: Roller Blinds with Attitude!

April 23, 2013

There are those who love the relaxing neutral décor pallet and those who are eager to dispose of the monochromatic feel for something more exciting in their interior space. Did you know that roller blinds are the fastest way you introduce both colour and pattern into your décor? It’s a fast and affordable way to update your room and add interest with new fabrics that are anything but boring.

We asked our staff to pick their favourite patterns to demonstrate the depth of our fabric selection, colours and options. If you have recently purchased from Made to Measure Blinds UK and you would like to share your before and after pictures, or discuss how you incorporated your new blind into your existing décor, we would love to hear from you. Share with the rest of our readers and your great taste can be a helpful design inspiration to others.

Roller Blinds UK Bespoke Window DecorRoller blinds by design are a little bit like adding a canvas to your space. If you have a somewhat neutral space, you can choose virtually any colour or pattern for your window blind and it will coordinate nicely. Alternatively if you have a room with a variety of different hues and textures, choose one or two predominant colours and coordinate your blind with the accents in your room, for a professional effect. Remember that everything does not have to match, and it’s an opportunity to layer different colours and patterns for a look that is uniquely you.

Made to Measure Roller Blinds UK

Do you love the colour black but have concerns about the blind pattern or colour dominating the room? A patterned roller blind with black accents creates depth and definition, and is particularly effective on recessed windows or other architectural focal points. Rather than making the room look ‘too dark’ a black toned roller blind helps to anchor the room, allowing the eye to travel to other colourful accents such as artworks, area rugs, pillows or other accessories.

Our roller blind collection starts at only £25.13 and do-it-yourself (DIY) installation is easy for this popular window covering model. Visit our website for more information on measuring accurately for your new roller blinds and our video installation guide.