Take Your Decor from Drab to Fabulous: Affordable Decorating Tips

June 10, 2013

Change is a good thing, and if you have been eyeing a room or two in your home that could use some updating or a stylish reinvention, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to get a great new look. The truth is that the smallest changes can make a big impact with a small investment of time and a little creativity.

Texturing Walls

Red Roman Shades

If you are renting or unable to renovate a space that has walls which are damaged or bumpy, a quick fix is to apply a base wall paper texture. Choosing a patterned white wall paper that can be painted on top is a quick way to improve the appearance of your wall, without having to replace any of the structure. Get creative with the texture. Apply it to a specific area of the room to create an architectural focal point.

For some great resources on texturing walls, check out “The Creativity Exchange” for some unique inspiration.

Choose Bold Colours

From the fashion makers around the world the trend is definitely toward bold colours and bright patterns. If you are a little hesitate to dive full into a bright colour such as red or orange, consider creating an accent wall that draws the eye to the hue. Coordinate that colour with other accessories in the room to create a cohesive professional look.

When it comes to a new colour, take some inspiration from “We Heart Home”.

Blind Ambition

Window blinds are one of the last things people think of when they consider redesigning their space. We would like to change that because after serving thousands of customers we have seen the enormous transitional affect that happens when new window blinds are added to the mix. If you have traditionally gone with a vertical blind, why not experiment with something different like one of our gorgeous designer vertical blinds (introduced in 2013). Roman blinds are also the unexpected but luxurious choice for home office, bedroom and living room areas.

Have you recently ordered blinds from us as part of your decor makeover? Email us some pictures of your before and after! We would love to share your designer vision and the transformation of your space.