Three Steps to Designing with Roman Blinds

June 19, 2013

When it comes to window coverings, the Roman Blind style is a versatile and unexpected design in home or commercial decor. Forget what you thought you knew about Roman Blinds and explore a variety of different looks from casual to formal. The key is choosing a fabric and pattern that compliments the interior space and that does not always mean choosing a neutral window blind.

Step One: The Planning

While planning your redesign, consider what kind of impact you would like the room to have. Start by evaluating your personal use of the space. Is it a room that you want to be sedate, calm and relaxing? Do you want it to be a room that creates a lively or energetic vibe? Make a list of the activities that you or your family engage in within the space. That will help you decide on the overall tone of the room and give you a preliminary design heading.

Step Two: The Fabric

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Fabric choice is the key to creating the perfect look in your space with your new Roman Blind. If your theme and the purpose of your space is to relax, you will want to create complimentary neutral or monochromatic look. The fewer the colours in a space, the more relaxing it is to the eye. This is ideal for rooms like the bathroom or the bedroom, where you plan to spend time in a serene environment. Nursery rooms are also typically made in calming colours. Please refer to our blog articles and safety recommendations when designing a room for children and incorporating window blinds.

If your room is a central space and the hub of a great deal of activity in the home (kitchen, computer or living room) then consider choosing a more vibrant colour or an energetic pattern. If the purpose of the room is for fun, conversation and social do choose patterns that deliberately stand out and “excite” the eye. People will feel light hearted and alert in spaces that are boldly coloured.

Step Three: The Accessories

If you love your new Roman Blinds, choose accessories that will “pull” the colour of the blind deeper into the room. That is a professional design method by creating complimenting colours throughout the space. Affordable accessories that compliment your blinds can be toss pillows, new lamp shades or even a DIY painted accent table and chair.

It doesn’t need to be expensive to create a great look. Accenting beautiful Roman Blinds with other voluminous fabrics is a great way to create a cozy feeling in your space.