Designing Your Entertainment Room with Blackout Blinds

July 9, 2013

If your entertainment room is the pride and joy of your home, consider choosing quality blackout blinds to enhance your enjoyment of your space. While many people think that blackout blinds are strictly for the bedroom (and they do help you get a great night of sleep) more people are discovering how useful they are for filtering light in common areas such as the living room or den.

The BenefitsEntertainment Room Design

Blackout blinds are built from specially treated fabrics which have the ability to filter out light completely. Our Memphis Collection features PVC backing on the blinds which effectively filters out both natural light and artificial light sources (such as traffic or street lighting). Did you also know that a quality blackout blind will filter out UV rays? That helps to prevent furnishings, flooring and electronics from being damaged by the sun.

If your entertainment room is boasting some great equipment you may want to keep that under wraps. Did you know that in the case of home break in and theft the burglars will evaluate the home by looking in the windows? A blackout blind makes it impossible to see through the window which may make your property less of a target. Protect your privacy and your home with blackout blinds.

Selecting Your Blackout Blind

We can teach you how to measure accurately for your new blind and teach you how to install it like a professional. Visit our blackout blind collection on the website and find your favourite colour or patterns. Do you want the opportunity to evaluate it for free at home? Simply order a free sample and we’ll send you one to help you buy online with confidence.

Whether you choose a relaxing neutral or an exciting bold colour, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your décor. An entertainment room is a great excuse to splash out with some vibrant colours. And without sun spots on your television we know you’ll appreciate your new blackout blinds.