Q&A: How should we allow for tiles when we measure for our Made To Measure Blinds?

January 2, 2014

Customers post questions before buying, and we answer as comprehensively as possible


We have tiles at lower part of our window which come out 10 mm at each side (see photo).
The width between tiles is 117.5 cm – drop is 104 cm.
What width would we need to order?


The measurement you require for the width of your blind is the narrowest width, so if you have part tiles this would be the width between the tiles and select recess (inside mount) on your order.

When this is manufactured we would take 1cm off the width measurement for a clearance fit all blind types and 0.5cm off the width of a Roller blind.

The only exception to measuring this way would be for a Roller blind. As long as the step is no deeper that 1cm each side due to the fabric being inset from the ends of the barrel, you could measure the plaster wall-to-wall, finding the narrowest width.

However, if the step is wider than 1cm then measure the width at the tiles and order as described above.

When this is manufactured we would take 0.5cm off for a clearance fit.

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