How to choose a blind for the bathroom: Made To Measure Blinds offers straightforward advice in this guide

January 8, 2014

Lynx Sapphire standard lining

Luxford Coral standard lining

WHEN DECIDING how to choose a blind for the bathroom or en-suite there is one immediate factor to consider above all others.

The damp, humid environment dictates that certain options – while still possible – are best sent to the bottom of your list. For example, from an aesthetic point of view many people’s first choice would be a Roman Blind (right), but the cotton and linen fabrics used in their construction leaves the possibility of the blind shrinking.

So the cost and desire to have this style of blind might be offset by the possibility of it not remaining as fresh and crisp for as long when compared with other options. It might need replacing a little sooner than the alternatives, such as a Roller Blind or Metal Venetian Blind.

Tamara White wave shape

Tamara White wave shape

Roller Blind

Roller Blinds from our Made To Measure Blinds range of fabrics are all tested for their ability to cope with the humid conditions.

A large proportion of the fabrics are polyesters, which cope very well, especially when given an occasional wipe down with a soft, damp cloth to preserve the blind’s appearance. An array of patterns is available and there’s a choice of plain or textured fabrics that can be enhanced with a decorative shape placed at the foot of the blind.

There is also a range of PVC-based blackout fabrics that are ideal for difficult windows such as those inside a shower enclosure.

Not only are the fabrics waterproof they are also blackout, so there will be no shadows or outlines. This means your modesty is preserved and you can simply let the blind drip dry or you can wipe it down before raising it out of the way.

Wedgewood 25mm

Wedgwood 25mm

Venetian Blind

If you need additional light and privacy that the simple raise-and-lower operation of a roller blind can’t provide, then consider a Venetian Blind.

The metal horizontal slats cope with the damp environment perfectly well, they offer a large colour palette and you still have the raise-and-lower option as you do with a roller blind.

However, with the addition of the slats – 15mm or 25mm wide – you ensure extra privacy by tilting them at an angle to stop prying eyes from having a clear view while still allowing light to filter into the room.

In the closed position it will block light and provide a shadow block, the same as a PVC roller fabric does.

Paperbark Maple 50mm

Paperbark Maple 50mm

Wooden Venetian Blind

Some people prefer Wooden Venetian Blind in contemporary white and cream or rustic natural wood colours, but with this option there is the same issue with damp conditions as you would encounter with a Roman Blind – i.e. the damp could warp the slats a little, depending on how steamy and damp the room.

If the cost is not prohibitive you may need to replace the wooden blind sooner than a Roller or Metal Venetian Blind.

We have a faux wood range which is constructed of a wood composite with a laminated coating to protect the wood from the damp environment.

Lynx Sapphire Vertical Blind, 89mm

Lynx Sapphire Vertical Blind, 89mm

Vertical Blind

The Vertical Blind is worth considering as an alternative to the Venetian Blind if you need versatility with light and restricted view.

It is practical, used all over the home and made of polyester fabrics, so at home with the damp environment.

Again, clean with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner furniture brush attachment.

The options are for plain, patterned or textured vertical strips of fabric in 89mm and 127mm widths. PVC and blackout fabrics are available, and while these are not ideal within a shower enclosure they will be at home within a standard bathroom window.