Making the choice between vertical blinds and metal or wooden Venetian blinds

February 7, 2014

Our aim is to make buying a blind as simple a process as it can be.

So when we see confusion arising it is our natural instinct to help.

One frequently occurring enquiry concerns the difference between vertical blinds and Venetian blinds.

Vertical blind – In this type of blind vertical slats hang from a horizontally mounted headrail

Venetian blind – A Venetian blind has horizontal metal or wooden slats mounted on a horizontal headrail

So, there is a similarity in that both types of blind offer tilting slats – but there the similarity ends, since one is mounted vertically the other is mounted horizontally.

You might say that the above should be obvious, but we are clarifying the situation because we know from experience that customers ask the question.

In this blog we explain

• How they differ

• What they have to offer

• Which blind will best meet your needs


Vertical blind: (slats mounted vertically)

White weight and chains 89mm vertical slats

White weight and chains 89mm vertical slats

This consists of an extruded aluminium box section headrail – powder coated white or brown – with trucks and hooks on which to hang Polyester, Jacquard or Stitchbond fabrics.

These come in an array of colours and plain or patterned woven textures to in strips 89mm or 127mm wide.

They come supplied with white weights and beaded chains at the bottom. These are contained within a pocket and add weight and stability to the blind.

The headrails can be face-fixed or top-fixed inside a window reveal. Click here to find out more.

The principle of the blind is to add privacy but still allow light to enter the room, protect furniture and carpets from the sun’s harmful rays.

This is achieved with the ability to place all the fabric strips at the same angle through 360 degrees by rotating the controls. There is also the option to draw the fabric strips back to either end or both sides on a split draw corded headrail.

Patio door 89mm slats Acacia Cream.

Patio door 89mm slats Acacia Cream.


This is ideal for any window, including small ones, but is particularly well suited to use in a patio door, giving a simple and practical solution.

It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or the furniture brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.

It has a soft look and feel and has a warmer, lighter feel than a metal venetian blind. Click here to find out more.




• Total or partial privacy when required.
• Low maintenance.
• Plenty of light, open or closed (fabric colour will affect light filtering to a degree).
• Great alternative to nets.
• Complements curtains.
• No more dust – the strips do not harbour dust particles, so these are the choice of people living with asthma.
• Use in any room in the home.
• Great solution for box bays and angled bays retain the feature of the room.
• Child safety cleats to retain hanging loop cords.

• You will lose some of your window ledge, but that might be a good thing if it encourages you to declutter.


Metal Venetian blind: (mounted horizontally)

25mm slats colour mulberry.

25mm slats colour mulberry.

A hard-wearing practical, blind perfect for light and shade, which is controlled by tilting the metal slats to have total or partial privacy, depending on the angle of the slats.

The slats are mounted on a horizontal metal headrail and are supported by nylon ladder cords that also control the angle of movement via a cord and wand when twisted.

The slats can also be angled up or down.

The size of the slat will also determine how much tilt would be required to provide privacy – the smaller the slat the smaller degree of angle would be required.

Metal venetian blinds are available in 15, 25, 35, & 50mm sizes. 25mm is the market leader. The colour palette options is extensive.

Top-fix and face-fix options are provided, with a universal bracket.


Wooden Venetian blinds: (mounted horizontally)

Bay window Chalk white 50mm slats with tapes

Bay window Chalk white 50mm slats with tapes

The construction of a wooden Venetian blind is the same as a metal Venetian, but with the natural beauty of real wood for the slat construction these blinds add warmth and style to your home.

They are available in 25, 35, 50, & 63 mm slat sizes. If you want a calmer feel to the window it’s best to choose a bigger slat size. The 35 & 50mm slats are market leaders.

Available in contemporary painted white and creams for the minimalist approach, or to add warmth and to brighten the room there are rustic light and mid-tones. Dark wood shades are also options.


True white Image with optional wide fabric tape 50mm slat

True white Image with optional wide fabric tape 50mm slat

• Total or partial privacy when required.
• Alternative to nets.
• These blinds block more light than a vertical due to metal or wood slats, over a fabric provided with verticals that allows light to pass through.
• Use in any room in the home.
• Great solution to box bays and angled bays, allowing you to retain the feature of the room.
• Child safety cleat to retain loop cords.
• Retain a little more space on window ledge.

•  There is a little more maintenance required than a vertical.
•  Avoid wood in a damp environment.