Do you have to choose between made to measure blinds and curtains – or do they work well together?

March 11, 2014

M2M Blinds and curtains 3When are blinds better than curtains? We’re often asked that question, but rather than try and put people off buying curtains in favour of one of our blinds we give a balanced view.

Our starting point is that you don’t need to choose between one or the other, because a blind is often the perfect complement to curtains.

As well as fulfilling two distinct functions – keeping out light and ensuring privacy – blinds and curtains have a more aesthetic purpose too, in dressing a window. So wouldn’t it make sense that in some instances both can be used in tandem?

For those determined to make comparisons we offer the following thoughts:

M2M Blinds and Curtains 4Control

Blinds can control light precisely. A fingertip twist of a rod or a simple pull on a cord either adjusts slats or positions the blind in exactly the right position to meet your needs. Either block the sun completely or produce just the right amount of light.

Thanks to the curvature on the slats of a venetian blind, it is possible to ensure visibility from the inside out, but not vice versa. This ensures light flow without compromising privacy.

Curtains are either open or closed, because halfway across just looks odd.


Blinds can be cleaned safely and efficiently while still in place, using a vacuum cleaner. You could also use a feather duster. Full guide to cleaning blinds here.

Curtains will need to be taken down and cleaned, leaving bare windows while the process takes place.

m2mBlinds and curtains 1Installation

Successful installation of blinds begins before delivery. That’s because it’s important to weigh up certain factors when ordering. For this reason we are available to answer questions right at the start of the process, even providing instructions on how to measure the window and its recess correctly.

Understanding the construction of the blind is also important, because this not only has a bearing on the way you measure, but also the type of blind you should choose depending on its purpose.

This is a crucial aspect of the buying process, which is why we take great care with our advice to customers.

See our video tutorials and written guides before calling, because you will probably find most of your questions are answered – but if you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to ring us on 0844 800 9204.

M2M Blinds and curtains 2Many of our customers leave feedback on our Trustpilot page, and most bear testimony to the quality of each element of the service we provide, from the moment you first find us on the web through to the moment your blind is hanging beautifully in your home.

Winning combination

If you’re still not sure whether curtains or blinds are appropriate for your needs why not combine the two? Far from one making the other redundant we often find that they work well together.