Why most people give us a 5-star rating

March 18, 2014

On-line shopping is second nature to most people now, and confidence in suppliers has risen immensely.

At Made To Measure Blinds we work hard to ensure that nothing dents that confidence when people order from us.

But on the rare occasion when things do go wrong we are confident that the way we deal with it speaks volumes for our customer service.

Even before you place an order we do our very best to ensure you receive our best attention.

We offer:

We’re only human, though, so on the odd occasion when things do go wrong our promise is to:

  • Listen to what you are saying
  • Identify how we can put things right
  • Act as promptly as possible
  • Ensure you are not out of pocket

Occasionally we will notice on an order that something doesn’t look right, based on our experience and knowledge, and we will query your order if we think that’s the case.

All this attention to detail has paid off.

We’re getting rave reviews on Trustpilot, the on-line feedback site which allows verified customers who have made genuine buys to leave comments on suppliers.

Most of our feedback is five-star, but the odd poor rating is left.

Everyone has the right to record whatever rating they like, but if we receive a poor one we like to find out what we’ve done to deserve it.  We’re only human, after all, so things do sometimes go awry.

The best way of illustrating that is for us to give an example.

Here’s how we responded to one customer who left a poor rating when genuine human error resulted in a faulty despatch.

We hope that by being open and by treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves, that the good name of Made To Measure Blinds – which we have worked too hard to build up – will retain its sheen.